Donating Dental Scrap – What to watch out for?

10 questions to help you identify a transparent, efficient and secure dental metal donation campaign:

  1. Is the collection receptacle hygienically sealed and secure? In other words, can I be certain that what goes into to donation box stays in the donation box until the proper time?

  2. How will I know what was in the donation box at the time it leaves my office? What methods are used to assess its contents?

  3. Will my practice incur any costs related to participation in this charitable donation campaign?

  4. Can I track and monitor my donated material at every stage until it reaches its target population?

  5. How can I know, with accuracy, that the material I am tracking came from my office and the efforts of my team?

  6. Is the transportation service that carries my donated material reliable and cost efficient? Are they adhering to best practice standards?

  7. Will the logistical and managerial costs of handling my contribution outweigh the benefits of making the donation as dental scrap metal? Beware of “Donation Burners” such as complex bureaucratic systems, expensive or “top-heavy” hierarchical staff or company representatives with high travel costs all of which can eat away at the value of your charitable donation!

  8. Can I get an analysis of the donated metal from the refinery?

  9. Is the refinery working in the best interest of the charity?
    For example: is the service they provide also donated to the charity organization?

  10. Does the refinery price the value of dental metal differently for individuals and small practices in contrast to larger quantities of dental scrap? Before working with any specific resellers or refinery representatives, ask about their “individual risk premiums” associated with the uncertainty of the precious metal content in dental scrap. Dental scrap resellers estimate between 40% and 80% of the dental scrap to be worthless material or decreased in value due to price fluctuations in the market. This method may be used to increase their own profits while deflating the monetary value of your donation!