Donating Dental Metal – Do it for Good, but do it Right!

By now a number of both established and lesser known organizations have taken up dental scrap donation campaigning. They hand out collection boxes and have turned it into a lucrative business for themselves. Many dental practices collect and donate their dental scrap metal in good faith, for a good cause. However, they don’t know what really happens with the collected material or how much of it actually reaches the intended destination.

When you make a donation you want to raise as much money as you possibly can to help specific groups of people in need. You want the highest percent of your contribution possible to reach those who can best benefit from your philanthropic efforts. To do this, the costs related to collecting and managing the donations must be kept at an absolute minimum. Our organization, under our Compass of Ethics and Integrity, was established to fulfill these requirements. BonAreus adheres to a strong ethos, working in full transparency, to assure that your contribution is secure and closely monitored from the moment of collection to the time of distribution to those for whom it was intended.

The Partners, under our Compass of Ethics and Integrity, commit to the following quality criteria:

  1. When the dental scrap collection receptacle is picked up from your practice, it will be tightly sealed, weighed and recorded.

  2. A certificate will be issued by the charitable organization (e.g. SOS Children's Villages), stating the amount of the funds your practice has raised.

  3. Guaranteed transparency at every step. The dental scrap donation box and its contents will be repeated timestamp-photographed, filmed and documented at every stage of the process (opening the box, weighing the raw material, analyzing the content, weighing the metal, etc.). With the help of a specially programmed database, this information is documented and can be made available to you at any time.

  4. Transportation and insurance of the donation box will be assigned to an established, reputable and reasonably priced logistics service. We do not employ expensive or unreliable service providers.

  5. The refining process will be analyzed, completed and recorded by our trusted partner, Kulzer. This way you can be assured that the dental metal analysis is accurate and that you can view the results at any given time.

  6. All costs relating to refining the dental scrap will be reimbursed by Kulzer to the charitable organization, so that more of your contribution is converted into funds for the good cause you have chosen.

  7. The dental practice will not incur any costs associated with the charitable fundraising campaign.